Visiting GitHub

After Tweeting some of the employees GitHub, the most popular online code hosting platform allowed us to visit one of their offices in San Francisco. GitHub was launched in 2008 and is truly a unique company. It has over 170 employees of which 60% work outside the office all over the world. Employees are encouraged to travel as much as they like. They have a big interactive table (photo) that shows where the employees are on a 3D map. Besides having complete freedom with your workplace and schedule, GitHub also doesn’t have any managers. Employees are expected to pick up work themselves and form their own teams. Everything happens distributively using online tools to form discussions and to arrange votes. From hiring new employees to choosing what kind of coffee mugs should be available in the kitchen; everything is democratic. Half the company looks like a Starbucks cafe for people who don’t care for a desk.

Visiting a company like GitHub, with a radically different management style was inspiring and it was awesome to see the people behind such a great company.